VOXI Review & Coverage – Is VOXI any good in 2024?

In this VOXI UK mobile network review, we'll take a look at the company's coverage and price plans. We'll also look at the network's 5G service, which has recently been launched in 123 towns and cities. Finally, we'll take a look at the customer support and help desk, which aren't perfect but have some good points. VOXI is a good choice if you want to stream video, connect with friends and family, or enjoy social media.

VOXI's 5G service is live (in some towns)

VOXI, a part of Vodafone, is the first mobile operator to bring 5G to the U.K. Previously, it had only launched 5G in 100 UK markets. However, since then, it has added 23 more. The company recently started offering 5G in Ashtead, Oxted, Stanwell, and Biggin Hill. It has been launching next-generation mobile services since July this year.

The VOXI mobile service is now available in 123 UK towns and cities. The mobile operator has taken the same 5G spectrum as its rivals, Vodafone. The 3.4GHz and 3.6GHz bands are high-frequency and high-capacity bands. Because they are designed to handle large data demands and many simultaneous users, they're ideal for 5G. With more devices connecting to the internet, the need for bandwidth grows. The lower-frequency spectrum, on the other hand, travels further and clears obstacles faster.

VOXI's 5G service has also gone live in 123 UK towns and cities. The network provider's 5G coverage is increasing, with the majority of towns and cities now covered. The company's 5G coverage has reached 90000 premises and is expected to reach 1 million premises in the coming years. While the number of towns and cities covered by the service is still small, it does provide an impressive coverage area.

If you're thinking of trying out 5G, the good news is that coverage is already available in many towns and cities across the country. It's worth checking if your service provider offers 5G in your area. If your current network is not capable of providing 5G coverage in your area, you may have to change providers. Luckily, there are several providers that support the service.

VOXI's price plan is better than Unlimited Music Pass

There are a few reasons why VOXI's price plan is cheaper. The first is its unlimited use of social apps. With unlimited use of Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, users won't have to worry about waiting for WiFi or being blocked by data limits. In addition, VOXI's price plan also includes unlimited data for calls, texts, and Snapchat. However, you must have some data left over from your current plan to keep streaming.

VOXI offers a number of extras for its price plans. Endless Music Pass, which allows you unlimited use of music apps, costs £5 per month. 100 minutes of international calls is another £3 per month. If you're into music streaming, VOXI's price plan will be the more affordable option. However, you'll want to compare price plans and other VOXI features before making a decision.

VOXI is powered by Vodafone, which makes its data speeds and network coverage similar to that of its rival. While EE's network offers more coverage, Vodafone's network provides over 99% coverage. It's a much better deal than Unlimited Music Pass, but it's still worth comparing prices and coverage. Besides, VOXI is also available in some areas where EE's coverage is better.

VOXI offers competitive plans for social networking users. The network it uses is covered and its ""Endless Social Media"" perk is a tempting one for those of us who use social media apps regularly. If you're a constant scroller on social media, you should try VOXI's price plan over Unlimited Music Pass. You won't regret it.

Endless Video and family plans aren't available with VOXI. VOXI's price plans are competitive, but you can't add on Endless Video or Unlimited Music Pass. However, VOXI's monthly free gifts will keep you going. They range from beach towels to chocolate and are often limited in number. VOXI also provides contracts for phones and SIM cards.

VOXI has a variety of SIM-only plans, including a monthly rolling one. It's important to note that there are no spending limits, but you can't go over your plan without manually purchasing top-up credit. It has an unlimited data plan and a variety of other plans as well. If you need more data, you can go SIM-only or buy a handset through the network. There are no data caps on its SIM-only plans, but the data allowance is limited to 20GB when roaming.

VOXI's price plan includes a free European Roaming Pass. This lets you listen to music on other devices while abroad. Endless is limited to the UK, but Voxi offers free roaming for users in the rest of Europe. However, you can use your mobile abroad with international roaming. Vodafone has not yet rolled out its 5G network. However, it is testing its service in the region and may turn it on before you know it.

VOXI's customer service isn't perfect

While VOXI has some strong points, the customer service isn't perfect. It doesn't have a dedicated phone number, and agents can be a little slow. However, they are knowledgeable and courteous, so you'll be able to reach someone within seconds. The company also offers a social media page for its customers, so there's no need to worry about not being able to reach someone at any time. In general, Vodafone has better customer service than VOXI, which is a positive.

While VOXI's website doesn't have much information on its customer service, reviews on Trustpilot are generally positive. The vast majority of reviews give the company 4.1 stars, with 72% of reviews giving the company ""excellent"" or ""good"" ratings. Aside from customer service, VOXI also receives positive comments for its user-friendly website. The company's plans also don't have a limit on the amount of social media data customers can use, and the company also offers 5G-ready SIMs.

One complaint about VOXI's customer support is its lack of flexibility. While the company offers a few plans, the vast majority of users can't sign up for one. In addition, VOXI's plans don't offer many extras, such as streaming video and audio. But it's worth noting that the company's plans are cheap and include unlimited social media and calling.

However, the company has excellent coverage in the UK. You'll get unlimited calls and texts across the UK and European territories. And because Voxi uses the same 4G network as Vodafone, you'll never have to worry about running out of data. Another benefit of the Voxi plans is the free 5G upgrade. All users will receive this upgrade in July, and you can easily compare them to other plans. For instance, Three's SIM-only plans are a bit more expensive, and include a smaller data package. And you're tied to a 12-month contract, which isn't ideal if you're not going to be using it regularly.

Overall, VOXI is a solid alternative to Vodafone. It offers coverage similar to Vodafone, and you can use popular social media and video streaming services. Despite being a virtual network, it does have its shortcomings. Its customer support is not perfect, but it's better than nothing. Aside from this, you can always cancel your contract whenever you want. You can also use Voxi's free app, which lets you use apps on the go.

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