SMARTY Review & Coverage – Is SMARTY any good in 2024?

In this Smarty UK mobile network review, we take a look at the network it uses, how it charges its customers, and whether or not London Underground Wi-Fi is available on SMARTY.

The network is powered by Three, and plans start at £6 per month. With the more expensive £10+ a month plans, you get unlimited calls and texts, but you can't use London Underground Wi-Fi with Smarty. Thankfully, you can cancel your service anytime if you don't like the plans.

Compare SIM Only prices on all SMARTY contracts here, or read our full review below.

SMARTY uses Three's network

The Smarty UK mobile network uses the Three network, one of the fastest in the UK.If you want to check coverage, then you need to check the Three coverage page, although SMARTY also has their own coverage page here.

If you're looking for a new phone plan, check out this super cheap mobile network to find the best deal. You can also check whether your phone is 3G or 4G by texting Mobile to 78333. This network will be compatible with a variety of SIM cards. Smarty UK has many plans that include unlimited talk and text, so you're guaranteed to find one that works for you.

What exactly is SMARTY and how does it work?

SMARTY is a mobile virtual network (MVNO) owned by Three. This network offers the same coverage as Three, but at much lower prices. Smarty also offers the option to reward you for unused data. Smarty uses Three's network, and it is the latest major UK mobile network. In fact, it has the best 5G coverage. While the network has similar coverage to Three, it isn't as large as EE or Vodafone.

Smarty is not available in all areas, and it only has two different network frequencies. The UK's network has a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, making it ideal for those looking for a cheap mobile service. Smarty also offers Wi-Fi calling, though you'll have to make sure you're using a compatible device. Smarty also offers Wi-Fi calling, but it is not yet available on the whole of the UK.

SMARTY's plans are also available on a rolling monthly basis, with no minimum term. SMARTY also allows you to use tethering, which is the ability to connect a tablet or PC to a mobile data connection. In addition to these plans, SMARTY offers no credit checks.

Plans cost from £6 per month

With SMARTY, you can enjoy unlimited UK calls and texts. The company also offers plans with a limited amount of mobile data and a fixed monthly fee of £5. The network also offers credit if you run out of data. Read on to discover whether SMARTY is right for you. It is powered by Three. There are many benefits to using the network, including unlimited text messages and calls, Wi-Fi calling, and no contracts.

SMARTY's network is largely covered in the UK, and you can take advantage of the indoor and outdoor coverage in many areas

Do SMARTY require a credit check?

No. The network also offers SIM-only plans that don't require a credit check. So if you have bad credit then check out SMARTY, or consider these other bad credit SIM plans.

Prices are competitive, and SMARTY plans include unlimited data, texts, and other allowances. They are also cheaper than other networks, with 30GB of data costing just £10 per month.

Unlike other UK networks, SMARTY also offers discounts on data.

Currently, at the time of writing they are offering £10 a month off their biggest unlimited data plans. All plans include free data, and customers can roam freely across the EU at no extra cost. With a data discount plan, customers can get £1 for each GB of data that they don't use. However, it is important to remember that roaming in countries outside the EU will cost you extra, and the price for megabytes can go as high as £5.

Despite the low price of its plans, Smarty is the fastest network in the UK. The company's network is as fast as Three, and coverage is just as impressive. It's a no-frills alternative to its more famous stablemates. Smarty has better coverage than Three, and a 50GB SIM-only plan costs £10. The network covers a wider area than other UK networks, but be warned, it won't be compatible with 2G handsets, tin cans tied together with string, and smoke signals.

If you're looking for a cheap, unlocked UK mobile network, Smarty is one of the best options. Its cheap plans are perfect for families and students. It has a huge selection of plans and unlocked phones. It is also worth considering the unused data credits and data buyback options. There are some disadvantages, though, and it is always better to get an unlocked SIM if you don't need the data.

Is SMARTY any good?

To assess whether SMARTY is well liked, we need to look at reviews and coverage.

As a SIM Only expert, SMARTY are rated very highly on Trustpilot. They are currently rated 4.2 out of 5.

Avid readers of SIMOnly.Deals will know that this is a very high rating; in fact it is possibly the highest rating we've seen for any network.

By way of comparison, Vodafone has a rating of 2.2 out of 5.

And for a more direct comparison, such as VOXI, they have a rating of 3.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot.


Is the SMARTY network any good?

You want to know how reliable the network connetion is before buying. As Three UK power the SMARTY network, in fact they are owned by Three, you need to satisfy yourslef that Three has a decent coverage in your area.

Be aware that the Customer Service for SMARTY is not handled by Three - and that's a good thing! Because Three's customer service is, well, pretty terrible.

The Smarty UK mobile network offers an excellent package for those looking for a good value deal on a new mobile contract. The company offers a range of plans with unlimited calls and texts that start from £10 and go up to £20. There are also a number of data plans on offer. Smarty mobile plans come with unlimited calls and texts to any landline and mobile number in the UK. To make the most of the deals, it's important to compare data usage, call quality, and call cost before signing up.

The Three network offers reliable 3G and 4G coverage. The network is also fast, with 5G now reaching more than 300 towns across the UK. The network has a 30-day validity period and all plans come with unlimited texts and calls. The data allowances vary from one month to the next, but the service is completely flexible, and customers can cancel their contract at any time.

Another feature of the Smarty UK mobile network that's unique to this network is the ability to roam internationally. This means that customers can make calls to other European countries without paying roaming charges. While it's still important to top up your balance before travelling abroad, the service will allow you to stay connected wherever you are. As a result, there's no reason to worry about roaming charges with Smarty.


Is SMARTY 5G worth it?

As above, it runs on the Three network so consider comparing their SIM Only contracts, too. And if you read the reviews of Three you'll see that their 5G network is one of the best - perhaps even better than EE's.

You can compare 5G data plans here if that's all you want and live in a suitable location that supports 5G.

Make sure that you are satisfied you actually NEED a 5G plan, Martin Lewis has a good article on the pros and cons of 5G here.

The SMARTY UK mobile network also has a great data plan with unlimited calls and text, whether you go for 4G or 5G. If you're looking for a cheap SIM with unlimited calls and texts, the network offers several different plans, ranging from bargains to cheap deals with unlimited data. Another advantage of Smarty mobile is that you can cancel at anytime, and you'll get cash back on unused data. The service is perfect for anyone looking for a mobile phone deal, and it's easy to sign up for.


Summary of SMARTY in 5 points:

  • Well reviewed, in fact the highest-rated network on Trustpilot
  • Owned by Three but without the sloppy customer service
  • 5G now available
  • Can cancel any time you want, with a 30 day contract
  • Perfect for poor/bad credit, there is no credit check with SMARTY

The Smarty UK mobile network is powered by the Three network and the Giffgaff is run by Vodafone. Both are good choices if you're looking for a cheaper SIM deal than the more popular mobile networks. Smarty's coverage is comparable to Three's, so you'll be able to talk and text anywhere in the UK without worrying about your connection. The network does not work with old handsets, smoke signals, or 2G phones.

Can I use Smarty on the London Underground?

The London Underground offers free Wi-Fi, which is provided by Virgin Media, so no you cannot unless you also have a SIM only plan from Virgin Media. The service is available in ticket halls, platforms, and walkways at more than 100 stations. It is not available in the tunnels, however, but is available outside of these areas. It offers unlimited, free usage, though some internet content is blocked. The service is aimed at providing a better experience for passengers.

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