EE Review & Coverage – Is EE any good in 2024?

If you're considering getting a SIM Only mobile plan with EE, you've come to the right place to look at reviews. We've reviewed EE's network, pricing, coverage, and service quality, and we'll be discussing their 5G network rollout, too. Read on to learn more.

EE is one of the more expensive mobile networks, and you probably won't be able to negotiate a price discount. But its speed, coverage, and extras are impressive. It's also offers much more than other mobile operators, such as giffgaff and iD Mobile. According to an Ofcom Customer Service Report, EE UK customers are satisfied with their service.

EE Review: Is 5G any good?

The long and the short of it is, if you want SIM ONLY with 5G, then you need to consider EE as a serious contender. The cheaper networks or MVNOs that run on the EE network, such as SIM Only by Plusnet, do NOT currently offer 5G. And that's whether you go for a contract or a SIM deal.

In our EE UK mobile network review, we'll cover some of the key features that make the network stand out from the competition. EE's speed, coverage, and extras are impressive, but at the same time, they're pricey. Other operators, such as Three and giffgaff, offer cheaper mobile plans. According to an Ofcom report, 85% of customers are satisfied with EE's network.

EE has made great strides with its 5G rollout, which is available in 160 towns and cities. The network offers speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G, and EE plans to extend coverage even further in the next few years. In fact, a recent RootMetrics review ranked EE as one of the UK's top networks for speed, reliability, and overall performance. This is great news for EE subscribers.

EE 4G coverage is hit-and-miss

While many mobile networks are expanding their 4G coverage, EE's is still limited. You'll need to purchase a 4GEE Extra tariff to get this service. You'll also need a compatible smartphone. Despite the limited coverage, EE's 4G network delivers some of the fastest connection speeds in the UK. If you're a heavy user of data, EE's WiFi calling feature is an excellent solution for you. You can even use Wi-Fi calling to make calls on the London Underground.

As a whole, EE's network covers about 85% of the UK's population. That's significantly better than the competition, and it's worth considering if you need high-speed data or roaming. In addition to coverage, EE's prices are competitive and phone contracts are relatively expensive, but you'll get great value for your money. If you're a heavy user, however, you may want to consider a different operator. However, you'll need to pay a lot more for the big data plans.

Another key aspect of any mobile network is customer service. EE has been praised for its commitment to improving customer service. It's one of the first mobile networks to introduce 4G. The merger of T-Mobile and Orange brought EE to the market and the company has since made the U.K. catch up with other countries. BT bought the company for PS12.5 billion in 2016.

EE Review: Coverage review (updated)

In our EE UK mobile network review, we compared the coverage and speed of the EE network with those of its competitors. EE had better coverage than its competitors, covering 85% of the country. The company has 99% coverage for 4G, which means that most of the population is covered. However, if you want fewer downtimes, look elsewhere - EE has been widely criticised for having a fairly unreliable 4G network. The company does have some big positives though: for example, it has great customer support, with customers able to ask any question they have. More on this later. 

EE Spectrum review

EE in the UK uses two bands, including 1800MHz and 2100MHz, to offer 4G and 3G. Be aware that 3G is in the process of being phased out, so don't pay too much attention to that.

4G coverage is spread across the country, EE is less dependent on the 3G bands now anyway. EE has acquired spectrum in the 3.6GHz band during the second 5G spectrum auction, and is already rolling out their 5G network to new towns every week. (Higher frequencies tend to have more capacity, meaning that your mobile performance will improve).

As above, EE has made great progress in rolling out its 5G network, which now covers 160 towns and cities across the UK. It also has plans to extend its coverage to many more cities in the coming years.

RootMetrics rated EE as the best network in the UK for speed and reliability. The company has some of the best coverage in the country, but it is still pricey. If you're not sure which network is right for you, check out EE's coverage map and find out what it's like.

EE SIM Only Plans: Which is best?

EE is available on a variety of tariff plans, including SIM-only and phone contracts. The network has excellent coverage across the UK, and you can use your own device without worrying about exceeding your allowances. In addition, EE offers a wide variety of unlocked handsets and supports multi-SIMs, which lets you use a single SIM on a different device. EE has a 4G+ network in select cities, and Wi-Fi Calling allows users to use strong Wi-Fi signals to make phone calls. Finally, EE offers free Wi-Fi in over 150 Underground stations.

In addition to 4G coverage, EE offers double-speed 4G in most cities. Double-speed 4G is available in most cities, and double-speed 4G has reached around 80% of the population. EE's 4G network is the fastest in the UK, and its customers can get speeds of 90Mbps on some plans, but typically only peak at 60Mbps.

If you're considering upgrading your phone to a 4G+ phone plan, EE is the clear choice.

Is it *THAT* expensive? EE pricing explained

EE is a well-known UK mobile network provider, offering fast speeds and robust coverage. Its network covers more than 99% of the country, and offers the fastest 4G coverage. EE offers Pay Monthly, SIM Only, and Pay As You Go bundles. Its network also offers 5G coverage. You can read our EE UK mobile network review and coverage to determine if EE is the right choice for you.

EE is a reputable mobile network provider, but their prices are higher than the competition. While they are not as cheap as their rivals, they do offer some excellent extras. If you're looking for the cheapest mobile operator in the UK, giffgaff and iD Mobile are two other great options. According to an Ofcom Customer Service Report, EE has an overall satisfaction rating of 85%.

EE offers a range of plans that include data-only SIMs for tablets and mobile wi-fi devices. The company also offers unlimited data plans. While the network's free roaming is limited to EU locations, it's an additional benefit. EE also offers SIM-only plans with shorter contracts and unlimited data. BT is a relatively new player in the mobile market and has branded services on EE's UK network. BT offers a PS5 monthly discount on mobile plans.

EE UK has good coverage and high speeds. It also offers VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling, and roaming for free outside of Europe. But it's not as cheap as rivals, and the company does not offer data rollover on Pay Monthly plans. Thankfully, it has 5G coverage in more towns and cities than rivals. In fact, EE has rolled out 5G to at least 168 towns and cities at the time of writing.

EE's 4G network is among the best in the UK, reaching more than 95% of the population. The network has the best coverage of any UK mobile network. With speeds up to 1 Gbps, EE has coverage in most areas of the country. In addition, EE has excellent 4G coverage and is the first UK mobile network to offer 5G service. While many UK consumers prefer T-Mobile or Orange, EE has the best coverage and the most affordable plans.

Is EE network any good for gifts & perks?

When researching a new mobile network, make sure to check out coverage and speeds as the FIRST THING you do.

The company offers a number of perks, that they call Smart Benefits, which are a core part of the network plans. These include BT Sport Ultimate, Apple Music, and Apple TV Plus. Some of these benefits are free with your plan, while others are available for a small fee. You can also get extras like Roam Abroad, which lets you watch films and TV shows without exceeding your monthly data allowance.

EE's 4G coverage is good, but it's still not perfect. The network isn't yet available everywhere, and the company is making huge investments in its network to make it as accessible as possible. However, if you're concerned about the availability of 4G coverage, EE's coverage map is a useful tool. Simply enter your postcode to find out if EE has coverage in your area. If possible, it's best to test coverage in areas you frequent most.

EE also carries several tablet computers, including the latest iPad and Samsung Galaxy Note. They also carry smart watches from Samsung and Apple. If you're interested in buying an Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch, EE has a Pay Monthly option for them. It's important to note that tethering will burn through your data allowance quickly and requires an add-on plan. So, if you're planning to use it a lot, make sure it's included in your contract!

Conclusion: Is EE Network any good?

For people looking for a cheaper mobile network with excellent coverage, EE is one of the top options. You can find affordable plans on their website, and the company has some impressive deals on BT mobile services. As an alternative, compare with Vodafone SIM Only, who are also one of the most well-known mobile operators in the UK, with flexible tariffs and great coverage. Vodafone's network is a top choice for people who want to stay in touch with friends and family overseas.

EE UK offers SIM only plans, phone tariffs, and multi-SIM plans. EE supports many unlocked handsets, and its coverage includes 3G (soon to be phased out), 4G and of course 5G. EE also offers Wi-Fi Calling on all PAYG and pay monthly plans. EE also has free Wi-Fi in more than 150 Underground stations. And, if you're interested in checking out their coverage, make sure to contact them.

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