BT Mobile Review & Coverage – Is BT Mobile any good in 2024?

In this BT Mobile UK mobile network / coverage review, we'll take a look at the company's coverage, speed, and data limits and what you can get on BT SIM Only.

BT Mobile has the fastest network in the country - courtesy of EE - and is one of the best options for those who want unlimited data. BT Mobile SIM Only deals are great if you want quality great coverage and Wi-Fi calling. Let's take a look at the network's coverage and speed. You'll be able to see if it's right for you and your lifestyle.

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What network does BT Mobile use?

In the UK, BT Mobile is owned by BT Group. They also own EE. Therefore, EE is the network that BT Mobile uses.

If you are interested in comparing our EE SIM Only deals, then read this article first

However, you don't need to decide between EE and BT Mobile, as we're going to compare them both for you, to make the decision easier. 

BT Mobile Review: Fastest 4G network in the UK?

BT Mobile has a good reputation for customer service, but the quality of its network is hit and miss. According to the Ofcom service quality report for 2021, BT Mobile has a middling to good customer service score. Ofcom complaints per 100,000 subscribers were lower than average, but there were still more than a dozen per million. BT's average call waiting time was 46 seconds, putting it below the industry average.

EE and BT Mobile both use different bands of frequencies. Three uses the 700MHz band and EE uses the 800MHz band. The 800MHz band has the greatest range and can penetrate walls, while the 2600MHz band has poorer pass-through and is more expensive. The 2100 and 1800MHz bands sit somewhere in the middle. The 3400MHz band is slightly slower than 2600MHz, but has higher capacities. BT Mobile also offers Wi-Fi calling, which is an added bonus.

BT Mobile has excellent coverage and faster speeds than the other networks in the UK. It also uses the infrastructure of EE, making it one of the UK's most reliable networks. BT Mobile also offers free Wi-Fi access at hotspots and includes BT Sport app on select plans. It also has 4G Calling and Wi-Fi calling for select handsets. If you're on the fence about using a new network, try BT Mobile to see if you'll like it. You'll probably love BT Mobile.

BT Mobile is the fastest 4G network with the best coverage in the UK. The network is not the best for everyone, but it can be a good choice if you're looking for a high-speed network for your smartphone. But the network coverage of BT Mobile is better than that of Three, which may have less coverage. However, it's still the best option for most people.

BT Mobile (mostly) comes with unlimited data

The BT Mobile UK mobile network offers many plans that include unlimited data. This isn't an unlimited data plan, but most providers now offer this perk. Unlimited text messages and minutes are included with every contract. This plan is available only to BT Mobile customers, who will benefit most from this offer. It is also important to note that this offer is not available to those on a pay as you go plan.

The BT mobile network does not offer the lowest prices but its coverage is unbeatable, with more than 5G sites than any other UK network. In addition, you can enjoy the benefits of a good customer service team. The BT network uses the EE network for its coverage, which BT acquired in 2016. You'll get 5G at no extra cost with your BT SIM, and you can continue roaming within the EU even after Brexit. The main downside to BT Mobile is that they only offer contract lengths of 12 months or 24 months, and do not have a one month or thirty day plan.

If you're looking for a good all-around mobile network provider, BT Mobile is worth considering. The network is highly reliable throughout the UK, with a good range of handsets. Unlimited data, unlimited texts, and unlimited calls are just a few of the many features BT Mobile has to offer. You can get a free BT Sport or wi-fi hotspots when you sign up for a BT broadband plan.

BT Mobile is one of the largest telecommunications providers in the UK, and its mobile network is known for its excellent service. In 2000, BT sold off its business mobile network division to O2, and repurchased it in 2015. BT Mobile is a great option for all types of business mobile deals, from small businesses to multinational companies. You can even get discounts if you already have a BT broadband plan.

The best network, hands-down

The BT Mobile UK mobile network has excellent coverage and speeds and is one of the top providers in the UK. The network is part of the EE group, so it has a much bigger footprint than its rivals. In addition, it has the same 5G coverage and discounts for BT Broadband customers.

This makes BT Mobile a good choice for those who need to stay connected all the time, but don't want to pay too much for their service.

The BT Mobile UK network has good coverage in the UK, with coverage in almost all areas. Unlike many other networks, BT Mobile UK offers coverage in most cities and towns across the country. If you're unsure if BT Mobile has coverage in your area, you can check the coverage map online.

 It's easy to compare coverage and speeds with the other networks. This network offers a great mix of services, including data plans, but it's important to remember that not all areas have coverage.

The BT Mobile UK mobile network offers a comprehensive range of plans and features. You can choose from Pay Monthly phones to SIM Only plans, mobile broadband and data SIMs. With its high-speed network, BT Mobile is the perfect choice for those looking for great coverage. The company's coverage map is constantly updated and offers a wide range of plans to fit your needs. So whether you're in need of a new phone or a new contract, you'll be able to find a good BT Mobile UK mobile network at an affordable price.

BT Mobile UK offers a range of SIM Only plans with a range of data allowances, including unlimited data, and a family plan with unlimited minutes and texts.

The prices vary between £10 and £25 before phone finance. In addition, there's a small range of flagship phones on sale. And BT Mobile UK offers great coverage for its SIM only plans. In addition to offering low-cost SIM plans, the network offers discounts for BT Broadband customers.

BT Mobile: Will Wi-Fi calling work? (Yes)

Wi-Fi calling is a service that allows you to make and receive calls over the internet without using any data. You can use the service wherever you can find WiFi. The BT mobile network offers this service on its network. It does not cost you anything extra. You can just switch the service on in your phone's settings. As long as you have the latest software on your device, you should be able to make calls and receive texts.

The standard 4G connection is sufficient for the average user, and it's faster than most people's fixed-line broadband. If you are looking for extra speed, it's worth testing a Wi-Fi connection before switching to Wi-Fi calling. However, if you need more speed, you can always upgrade to the more expensive BT Mobile plan. This mobile network offers standard and high-end plans, with the cheapest being £1.99 per month.

To start using BT Wifi calling, you need to have a compatible handset. Make sure your handset is updated with the latest software and has sufficient Wi-Fi coverage.

You can also toggle between Wi-Fi and 4G calls when you want to make or receive calls in no signal areas.

 But be careful - your Wi-Fi connection should be at least 1 Mbps or better. Otherwise, your calls will fail.

The BT mobile network offers an excellent all-round mobile network service. The network is reliable across the UK, with many high-quality features. BT Mobile is somewhat expensive compared to other networks, but you can enjoy discounts by bundling other BT services with the network. Its perks include Wi-Fi calling, mobile data and other great features. The only downside is that it costs more than other UK mobile networks, which make it more expensive than other providers.

Try the new BT spending caps

BT Mobile UK mobile network provides customers with a range of spending caps. Out-of-plan spending is automatically capped at PS40, and users can also set their own caps of £0 to £200. If you exceed your cap, you will no longer be able to use data, texts, or calls.

Spending caps are a great way to limit the amount you spend every month. Depending on your needs and usage, this could be a great way to keep your spending under control.

BT Mobile UK mobile network offers spending caps on a monthly basis. You can apply for one when you purchase a new mobile phone, a mobile broadband plan, or a SIM-only plan. You can also add a spending cap when you upgrade or renew your plan. However, you must remember that the cap may not be permanently installed. Once you've activated the spending cap, you can remove or increase it as necessary.

A spending cap limits the amount of money you can spend on a certain mobile network, such as premium calls, non-inclusive roaming, and text messages. Networks must offer spending caps on Pay Monthly contracts so that customers can limit their out-of-plan spending.

Some networks offer spending caps in the form of a capped spend option, which limits your usage to a pre-determined amount. Capped spend limits are generally set at £0, but spending caps may vary from network to network.

BT Mobile UK is one of the few mobile network providers that offers a spending cap. Its service is affordable and offers a variety of monthly plans. In addition to a monthly allowance, BT Mobile UK mobile network provides subscribers with a variety of fantastic deals on mobile broadband. Its service plans include access to a wide range of high-speed Wi-Fi hotspots, allowing customers to keep their mobile data costs to an absolute minimum.

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