Virgin Media Review & Coverage – Is Virgin Media any good in 2024?

Virgin Media on SIM-Only is hard to find reviews for. If you're looking for reviews on mobile network coverage, then you've come to the right place. Unlike other websites, we focus on the specific telecoms side of Virgin Media - i.e. the mobile coverage.

As you no doubt know, Virgin Media also offer broadband and TV. We aren't going to review those here.

If you just want to compare Virgin Media' SIM Only deals, then read this.

Review of Virgin Media Network Coverage

There are mixed reviews about the coverage on Virgin's mobile network. 

Ofcom run their own network coverage checker and they rate Virgin's coverage as "good". 

While the network coverage data provided by Ofcom is based on surveys of a small sample of customers, Trustpilot has more than 63,000 customer reviews. These reviews focus on a variety of issues ranging from billing errors to incorrect charges. Of course, remember that it's possible that customers who are unhappy with their service will leave more negative feedback. Those who are happy with the service generally do not leave reviews.

What Network does Virgin Media use?

As a virtual network operator, Virgin Media offers customers a range of network options. Until recently, Virgin Media relied on the EE networks to provide 3G and 4G coverage. However, the company recently signed a five-year deal with Vodafone to operate its MVNO platform, ending a long-standing supplier agreement with EE.

This means that the network it runs on is Vodafone. 

Review: Is Virgin Media better now?

Both networks have similar coverage and speeds and cover a wide range of areas. However, EE's network is larger. EE's network has a wider coverage area, making it easier to get mobile coverage in many areas. But Virgin's network does not offer full coverage throughout the UK, meaning it will be better suited for people who live in urban areas or on smaller rural areas.

Virgin Mobile is one of the smaller networks, though it runs on Vodafone which is one of the UK's biggest. Virgin offers cheap SIM-only deals and phone contracts ranging from £7 a month to £45 a month. The company also offers data rollover and free WhatsApp messaging. The network coverage isn't as extensive as EE's network, but it's still good enough for a serviceable 4G signal. Ofcom also rates Virgin Mobile highly for customer satisfaction.

Review of Vodafone's network

Virgin Mobile is a virtual network that uses the Vodafone network, for coverage it's recommended to read our Vodafone network review.

Although some users have complained of poor customer service and poor coverage, the network is generally reliable. It also offers fast 4G/5G connectivity. The SIM only deals are priced competitively and offer a great value proposition. You'll be covered wherever you go as long as you have a clear signal.

Virgin Mobile offers many other benefits, including free Wi Fi in more than 3.5million locations in the UK and more than 20,000,000 worldwide. This allows you to stay connected even when you travel for work or social events. You can also use social networks like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger without having to limit your data allowance. You can even make video and voice calls from your mobile device to others.

Virgin Media's network

Virgin Mobile offers a range of features to its customers. One of the most important features is the ability to send and receive SMS messages over the network. It has a range of handsets that support this feature, including the iPhone and the Galaxy S6. In addition, Virgin Mobile customers can take advantage of the Roam Like Home feature. Customers can make and receive calls in 43 countries within the EU and EEA. Users can also use their data allowance to send and receive files while roaming.

Other features include unlimited texts and calls, as well as free data. Virgin Mobile offers Wi-Fi at over 3 million hotspots for free, so you can stay connected even when there is no signal. Despite these advantages, Virgin Mobile has yet not won a major mobile network award.

Virgin Media: Roaming and streaming

Virgin Media's mobile network is rated well by customers who use it for streaming music, video streaming, and social networking. Customers have also rated the network higher than rivals O2, Vodafone, and Three. The network has also expanded to hundreds of thousand of premises. The company plans to offer new services to business customers.

The company has several different tariffs and plans, with pay monthly options topping out at unlimited data. There are also a range of contracts available, which are 24 months to 36 months long. Customers can also switch their tariffs monthly.

Virgin Media Review: Do I need a credit check?

Virgin Mobile does offer SIM-only plans for one month, also known as a rolling contract. This means that youcan cancel at any time - but be aware that even if you go for a 30-day SIM contract, you will still need to do a credit check. This is a shame, and no doubt puts a lot of people off. 

Virgin Media, a pioneer in providing mobile connectivity to the UK's poor, has been Virgin Media. Virgin Media has distributed 19,800 SIM cards to 356 centers and pledged to give 46 million gigabytes free mobile data by 2025. Further, Virgin Media's SmartCall service is now closed

Virgin Mobile customers can save data by using hotspots while on the move. The company also offers a wide range of tariffs, with data rollover to the second month.

Is Virgin Media any good?

Overall, the network performs below the industry average on some measures but above average on others. One notable improvement was the company's customer service, which improved significantly in Q3 2020.

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