Superdrug Mobile Review & Coverage – Is Superdrug Mobile any good in 2024?

Superdrug Mobile UK is a new entrant to the UK mobile network market and has been making waves recently for its SIM-only deals. These plans are aimed at people looking for cheap deals but also come with unlimited data plans and double points for Superdrug shopping. This review will look at the coverage of Superdrug Mobile and compare it with SMARTY. If you are considering signing up to a Superdrug Mobile UK contract, read on to discover more about the network and its plans.

Superdrug Mobile offers a low-cost SIM-only deal

If you're looking for a cheap mobile phone contract but don't want to commit to a lengthy contract, Superdrug Mobile has a SIM-only deal for you. The low-cost contract starts at £10 a month and gives you unlimited texts, calls, and 4GB of data. Plus, you'll never have to worry about a phone bill again.

The Superdrug SIM card will look like any other SIM card and customers will earn double points when they spend in the Superdrug store. They will also receive 1% back on all spending. This deal is comparable to those offered by the major mobile networks, but is cheaper than rivals such as giffgaff and SMARTY. The entry-level SIM-only plan costs £10 per month and includes unlimited texts, minutes, and 5GB of data.

Customers aren't required to sign a contract as this SIM-only plan is paid for upfront, and the company doesn't require a credit check. In addition, Superdrug Mobile also offers customers the option to cancel the contract at any time. There is no credit check required, and the SIM-only plan is available to both existing and new customers. The Superdrug Mobile website contains comprehensive information on the plan. It also has a guide to Three coverage.

Superdrug Mobile also offers roaming within the EU. Users can use their mobile phones in other countries in Europe and beyond, although they need to buy a cash add-on before leaving the country. The company also allows users to keep their existing phone number. This is a great option for people who want to travel abroad on a regular basis. And the best part is that you'll be able to use your existing phone number wherever you go.

There are many SIM-only deals available in the UK, but Superdrug Mobile's offer is one of the cheapest. The £10 plan gives you unlimited texts and minutes, and it's the most popular option. However, the data isn't as big as SMARTY's plan, which gives you 30GB for the same price. If you're a heavy data user, you may find the Superdrug SIM-only deal to be a better option.

Superdrug Mobile: A choice of unlimited data plans

There are several network providers in the UK which offer unlimited data plans. Three, for example, offers unlimited data for £16 per month. In addition to unlimited data, Three's plans also include a Go Roam offer to 71 different destinations. Superdrug Mobile is another virtual network operator that piggybacks on the Three network. However, it does not offer 2G coverage so you will need a 3G phone to use it.

The Superdrug Mobile network is a new network that is exclusive to members of the Health and Beautycard. The Health & Beautycard is free to join. The company promises to offer a SIM-only mobile phone plan for £10 per month that includes 4GB of data, unlimited calls, and unlimited texts. This new network is being launched after thorough research. It is expected to be a good alternative to Three.

The new network has a simple switch procedure: all you need to do is to get your PAC Code from your current provider. You can get the PAC Code by sending a text message to 65075. Once you have your PAC code, you can then buy a new SIM card directly from the Superdrug website. If you're not sure how to get your PAC Code, a tool is available that will guide you step-by-step.

Get double points on Superdrug shopping

With Superdrug Mobile UK, you can get 4G coverage on the Three network, and unlimited minutes and texts for only £10 per month. The phone plan also includes data rollover, meaning that unused data is carried over to the next month. As a bonus, if you purchase anything in a Superdrug store, you'll earn double points. That's an extra £10 for every £10 you spend!

The Superdrug Mobile UK mobile network offers a sim only plan powered by Three, and is exclusively available to members of the Superdrug Health & Beautycard loyalty card. By signing up for the SIM only plan, you'll earn double points on your Superdrug shopping, plus you'll get back the cost of your first month's plan in points. There are no contracts to sign up for, and you'll never be locked into a contract.

Which network runs Superdrug Mobile?

The Superdrug Mobile network is run by Three, the same company that runs Carphone Warehouse's iD Mobile and SMARTY, the online only MVNO. With this new deal, you'll get unlimited texting and calling for £10 per month, and you'll get double points for every £1 spent in Superdrug. The new deal doesn't require a credit check and you can rollover unused data for up to two months. You can even get a Superdrug Mobile SIM card without a credit check.

If you have a mobile phone and would like to switch to the new network, you can do so through the Superdrug Mobile website. Just remember that the new network will require you to provide a PAC code, which will authorize the transfer of your mobile number. This code is free to obtain and can be obtained by texting PAC to 65075. Assuming you're happy with the new network, simply activate your new phone with your PAC code.

The Superdrug Mobile network offers a low-cost SIM-only plan for £10. It has partnered with Three to make this deal available to all Health and Beautycard members. The plan includes unlimited texts and calls, and is available in more than 800 stores across the UK. Unlike its competitors, Superdrug Mobile UK mobile network offers unlimited data and 4GB of data for only £10 per month.

It offers similar coverage to SMARTY

Superdrug Mobile UK is a new-ish SIM-only network that launched in summer 2018. The company partnered with one of the four main mobile networks in the UK and has launched a range of affordable plans. These SIM-only plans offer good value and similar coverage to SMARTY. The network offers four monthly SIM-only plans and no credit check. Whether you're looking for a cheap SIM-only plan or a more extensive plan, Superdrug has a plan for you.

The SMARTY network is owned by Three and offers indoor and outdoor coverage. There are no speed restrictions and no contract required. You can choose a SIM Only plan with unlimited data for £16 a month. SMARTY has very competitively priced plans, with data allowances ranging from 30GB to unlimited. If you're worried about your finances, Superdrug Mobile UK's plans come with discounts on unused data.

Customers can use their existing numbers with SMARTY, but there is a catch. The company doesn't offer its own phones. To make the switch, customers must have a phone number and get a PAC code from their current provider. Superdrug Mobile UK offers similar coverage to SMARTY. The price difference is small, but the benefits outweigh the costs. The service is reliable and easy to use.

SMARTY uses Three's network. Three has coverage in 99.8% of the UK. Three is constantly improving their coverage, and SMARTY is no exception. The only downside is that it may not cover you in every town. However, you'll still be able to use SMARTY as long as you have a PAC code. The good news is that SMARTY's coverage is similar to Three.

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