3 cool ways to save money on your mobile phone contract

We all love our smartphones and use them lots during our daily lives. Whether you have the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy s10, you will no doubt find it a vital piece of tech to carry around. They not only help to keep us on-time and entertained but also give us a way to keep in touch with friends, check e-mails, call for help in an emergency and much more!

One thing that you may not love so much is your monthly mobile phone bill! Many people choose a monthly contract when buying a new phone but the price you pay may not be so great. If you are looking for some cool ways to bring your costs down, the below should help.

Think about your data limit

You may find that a large part of your monthly bill revolves around the data you use while browsing the internet. This will certainly be true if you go over your set data limit and carry on! A great tip here is to simply stay within the set amount of data you have per month and avoid paying any costly extras. Many providers now will even send an alert to mobile phones when you are close to going over your limit. If you find you actually don’t use all that you pay for each month, bring it down to lower your bill.

What about going SIM only?

A big trend in mobile phones now is people switching to SIM-only deals. You still pay a fixed fee each month but it can often be much less than you are currently on. The reason they are cheaper is that the cost of the handset is not bundled in with the service costs. If you have effectively already paid for your handset through previous monthly payments, then you may be able to go SIM-only to save money.

Check price comparison sites

Online price comparison sites are a vital tool when you plan to take out a range of services now. If you are coming to the end of your contract or looking to save money by switching, why not use them to your advantage? Checking out the various deals available with these sites is a simple yet effective way to pay less per month.

Let oneCompare make life easier

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